Sunday, August 26, 2007

an ode to the party

Twas the night before the party
and as I stood on my stoop

not a swimmer was swimming
because someone pooped

The sign, it was hung
on the pool door with ease

"POOL CLOSED!" it read
Please...let us not
go to Chuck E Cheese!

There are a couple things you need to know about me....1) I am a germ-o-freak-nomaniac. 2) I do NOT like to host birthday parties.

But the middle son turning 5, and what I take upon myself as his lacking MIDDLE son status, prompted me to plan a pool party.

So of course, imagine my shock when upon returning from yet another trip to the store for supplies, my eldest boy says, "Mama, I've got some bad news."

Someone had deposited their fecal matter in the pool....hours and much scrambling later I find another pool.

Now we are in the middle of a drought here, strict watering bans, temperatures that have been above 90 since July, two weeks straight of 100+ degree temperatures.....and then today...the pool party....

130p starts the thunder and lightening. 2p the guests arrive. 220p starts the downpour. 4p the storm clears as the last guest leaves and the crumbs are swept away.

There should be no question why I hate to host birthday parties.

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theflyingmum said...

Yikes! yeah, that's make me party-shy too.
Blogger has a new video posting thing? (I love all these technical terms...) I NEED that, becvause I tried adding more text to my post and it kept telling me an html thingy was wrong.
And who IS this other flyingmum? I'm now off to check it out.