Sunday, July 29, 2007

sick summer

The baby oh that sweet little baby.

He woke up today, ate grapes and promptly threw them up.

His fever was nearing 102. He was on fire.

So you know who we call in these cases of emergency......? Of course, our friends Anthony, Greg, Jeff and Murray. Oh the Wiggles, how I love them.

At one point when the baby stood up to tell Jeff to wake up, in a language that only he can understand. I noticed the little fella looked a little chubby and perhaps a little older. Now, I come from a paternal line of folks that wear their double and triple chins with ease, but his look is at least 30 years premature.

But like a gramma with a goiter, this boy had a neck a-swellin something fierce. It was only on the left size and when the call nurse asked me for the size and gave me options of a pea, a cherry or a peach pit. I told her perhaps a can of peaches was more like it.

Well a trip to urgent care *because my kids don't get sick Mon-Fri 9a-5p* turns out that the little fella has strep throat. It just so happens I had strep a couple weeks ago.

Tonight as we wound up the day, Q said he hoped the baby didn't get sicker than he already was. I agreed. That's what happens sometimes, he said, people get sicker and sicker and sicker and sicker and then they die, right mama?

Right, Q.

"Is that what happend to Obachan (grandma)?"


"She must not have washed her hands."

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theflyingmum said...

Yikes! Huoe the baby is feeling better soon.