Friday, October 20, 2006

Tragedy of a lost enchilada

Chaos pure chaos....
My house is all upside down. I can't find a thing.
In addition to the baby's $22 shoe that is MIA, I have lost assorted things which includes my mind.
I selected a book for next month for our ladies group to read...."Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons." I picked it mostly b/c I liked the title and I already had it. Now I lost it.
We have also misplaced a child's school bag. Again.
Socks oh the poor lonely socks in this house.
While driving Q to school the other day, I noticed an entire pan of chicken enchilada on the floor boards of the van. After a trip to Costco, the boys (large and small) unloaded the car. The enchilada secretly hid between the seats before sliding out to give me a nice howdy-do a day later. The enchilada is still my van, ripening.
I still have the three kids, which is a good thing. Mostly because they keep following me around, looking for provisions.
And I don't even have an enchilada to offer them.

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