Monday, October 23, 2006

i give

K wanted to be a mad scientist for halloween. I looked all over for a lab coat and the odd wig or something. After running all over town looking for the kid's size lab coat or anything resembling it. I decided I would have to cobble something together on my sewing machine.
But today I worked my motherly magic in the aisles of Walmart, pushing the merits of premade Superman, ninjas and other things I had no idea what they were. K spotted the camo. Army commando!
Despite my concentrated attempts to keep my boys free from warfare in any organized sense, I caved in today.

I don't let them play with guns and frequently launch into a very anti-second amendment know how guns are for killing and yes, killing would be ranked as a bad thing. Unless of course you are fighting bad guys...and that is where things get tricky. Then of course, you'd just use your arm lazers.
And I really don't like the boys wearing camoflage gear of any kind, army, know the basic killing machine kind of stuff.

But in the aisles of Walmart I had great inner struggle. Terminator dude comes with a plastic grenade, water bottle, helmet and knife. Full blown costume for $12, no sewing required.

After all just because a kid dresses like a pirate, ghost or grim reaper, doesn't mean he'll be one. right?

Sometimes I think waaaaay too much.

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