Friday, October 27, 2006

Rain Rain....

It rained today, all day.
The baby crawled after me biting me on my legs, my shoulders, my arms, all day.
Q followed me all day...."Mama, pick a card. Mama, stand like this. Mama, let's dance. Mama, you want to play school, mama mama mama mama."
K came home from school. His neighborhood pal, followed. Four little boys, yelling, bouncing, jumping, biting....
I ate cake and Doritoes to help me feel better.
It worked for a little while.

I sit on the floor typing with my keyboard at eye level.
No chair.
My new craft room
with piles of furniture and junk pushed to the middle.
That is why not many updates this week to my blog....
Things still messy.
All day.

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