Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a simple goal

The first time I was left alone with my toddler and a newborn under my care, my mission was clear...I had to keep them (and myself) alive. period
Even now after we've added a third son and a dog to the mix, at the end of the day I am usually victorious in accomplishing my mission.
It has become my daily mantra....surviving

K woke today telling me that he didn't have feeling in this hands and had a hard time moving them. La-la-la....excuse me.....denial can be a beautiful thing.
I've found a study at Columbia University that I may consider, if in fact he has this form of epilepsy.
Considering that I have wrung my hands for a year over the baby's speech issues, this initial finding that made me sit up a little straighter.

Speech and Reading Disorders in Rolandic Epilepsy Families

We have also found, for the first time, that the reading and speech problems found in RE children also occur in their relatives much more commonly than in the general population. This suggests that speech problems, reading problems and rolandic epilepsy are all transmitted together by one or a combination of genes. This is a valuable clue for tracking down the genetic influences on all three disorders.

Q had his second full day in the public school system and declared that he wasn't that crazy about the bus, after all, or at least some of the people on it.

And the baby, we are on our 9th straight hour of a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD. He is alas, a barfy sickly boy.
But we are all alive!

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