Monday, August 25, 2008

for today

Today I will not write about seizures, neurons or speech delays.
I will think about them to be sure. But the blog, oye what a downer it can be...
For now, everyone is safe and healthy.
K and Q have taken the bus to school. They both have a love of school and learning, for which I am grateful.
KC has done another pee pee on the potty and is watching Thomas as a reward for a job well done.
Today I will excercise.
I am wondering why I haven't had a decent tomato out of my garden all summer.
I planted a yellow squash took over my raised bed with large leaves the size of basketballs. I suspect this may not helped the other plants thrive. Day after day we ate yellow squashed sauted with onion in olive oil and garlic. But not a tomato, cucumber or pepper to round us out.
Balance, it seems is what we lack.

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