Friday, August 22, 2008

fits of denial

So the neurologists office says our boy has epilepsy, specifically "partial seizures with no known cause."

We are in the market for a second opinion. If anyone knows a good pediatric neurologist, let me know.

Here is what she said:

* His MRI is normal.

* His EEG indicated abnormal electrical activity
* Indication of an increased risk of seizures.
* They want to put him on meds
* He would need to be on the meds until he is seizure free for two years.

What I know:

* He has had one known seizure.
* She (this nurse practitioner) believes he has night time seizures. Her question was probably protocol, but very leading ...."Have you ever woken up and your arm, hand, legs or feet felt weird?"
Curiously he said, why yes as a matter of fact that does happen. hmmm
* Now I have my doubts about this admission, because hello, haven't we all woken up at one point and had our arm feel weird? The night after he told me his hands didn't have feeling in them, I checked him while he slept. He had two hands balled up and rolled inward on his wrists and then had his big ole head on top of them.
* Last night, I checked on him about 1am and he was sleeping with his head on his arm. and voila, this morning he doesn't have feeling in his right arm. Can someone get his kid a pillow?
* We don't want him on meds based on the information we have now.

I should have known something was up. The folks at Google Ads seem to have premonitions....I talk about KC's speech issues....and presto ads for speech development and DVD's that teach your baby to talk . The folks at Google Ads started placing ads for pediatric anti-epilespy medication, Keppra as soon as I mentioned seizures. Ironically, when the NP asked if I had ever heard of the medication, I had to admit it was my own stinking blog that taught me about it. feel free to click on my ads, it just may pay for our next EEG.

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