Saturday, September 29, 2007

what's the point?

Talk about an oxymoron....I've just become the "room mom" for the baby's mother's morning out class.....or maybe that is just "moron", without the "oxy."
Now the child goes once a week for three hours. One would think the work it takes a room mom to do the things she has to do for the "CLASS" would in fact negate the whole point of the program.
So there I sat in the parents' meeting before "school" started. When the teacher asked for a volunteer to be room mom, she looked sqare at me and my friend across the room (since we both have had children survive the program before).
I extended my arm to volunteer my sweet friend and the teacher thanked us both for volunteering.
So now begins the planning and begging for birthday presents for both teachers(because of course neither has a summer birthday), Christmas gifts, teacher appreciation gifts, teachers' luncheon and end of year gifts and luncheons, have i mentioned the gifts and luncheons?
I'm really not good at this. Remember I am a Kappa mom.

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theflyingmum said...

Yeah, that pretty much scrubs the whole "Mother's Morning Out" thing. So now you have no time off at all? What are the teachers thinking?