Friday, September 07, 2007

greener than green

I've been "working" on my bathroom.The quest for the perfect green has reached a new level of insanity and obsession.
Believe it or not I narrowed down my search from 70 or so samples of green to finally decide on one. But when I bought a small sample of was all wrong. So back to the color charts to start all over....I narrowed it down to two from Home Depot. And then my mind flashed back to a Pampered Chef party I attended last year. I asked the hostess to tell me what color she had painted her kitchen. She wrote it on a small sticky note and by some miracle I stored it into a three-ring binder I generously titled "HOME IMPROVEMENTS."
After much searching I finally found the color.
Then I read a column written by a woman in Florida and one click led to another and I found an article about her that sent me obsessing. The picture shows her and two of her kids at the kitchen table and what did I notice? The plate of homemade cookies on the table? the cute kids? No right there in front of me was THE green. I must have that green. (OK I did notice the cookies first....but then it was the green the green!)
And being the complete freaky stalker of the perfect green that I am, I emailed the woman. And she so kindly dug through her garage for the paint can.
So now I am up to four colors of the verde, my friend Heather gave me a sample of her green today that I must try.
Funny, that I really am about a month's worth of labor away from painting that tragic space. In fact I may decide to start another project first .... something small and doable.

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theflyingmum said...

Projects, upon projects, upon projects. That's the way we do it around here!
Good luck with the green.