Wednesday, September 05, 2007

pictures from a poopy pool party

Pinata time....
Baby wearing legs from the donkey (or was it a bull?) pinata

Q decided that he was going to decorate his own cake. So really how else would you expect it to look. After spending FIVE HOURS (I am not exaggerating this number), decorating a Blue's Clues cake for my first son. The $11 cakes at Publix started to taunt me every time I walked by them.
Now.....all I buy is the cakes from Costco. They are so moist and divine. I really do love them so....Chocolate with the vanilla cheesecake filling and the real cream cheese frosting. THE BEST. Of course they serve about 50 people, but my philosophy in life is you can never have enough pizza or cake.

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theflyingmum said...

The Costco cakes ARE the best, but for the last two years running, Ben has wanted the Darth Vader cake from W@l Mart. They didn't get our frosting choice right this year and I didn't care for it (which is, I suppose, a blessing in disguise...) but Ben loved it and that's really all that matters, right?