Thursday, April 12, 2007

messy house, clean dog

I am amazed at the stuff available for dogs out there. Now I know why the pet industry is a 38.5 billion dollar business.
Since I adopted through the humane society, I was able to get the dog a free grooming. If I had to pay for it myself, it would have cost $65. Yikes. I think I'm going to get out the same clippers I use on the boys' hair.
Then again, I recently learned about anal glands and was more than grossed out. Getting someone else to squeeze those special glands is worth the 65 bucks.
As of today 30 hours into this new experience, I am convinced that God sent us the perfect dog. He is housebroken. I know someone spent a lot of time with him at some point. He sits almost automatically at attention. He is crate trained, very calm, gentle, sweet.....DOESN'T CHEW.
Tonight while the boys had soccer practice, we worked on his heel and he mastered it within minutes. Before he would just kind of wander.
I'm waiting for the ball to drop though as he gets more comfortable.
So far his encounters with Baka the cat have gone pretty well. The cat came up last night and sniffed him all over while he snored away next to me.
The cat got completely stressed out by the two foster dogs we had. They really wanted to get ahold of him.
We've got two names going right now....Leo.... and Sammy.... As you can expect two brothers can't agree on a thing. This may be the first dog I've heard of with a middle name.

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