Wednesday, April 18, 2007


There is an outfit that my mom bought K when he was a baby, red velvet vest, black and white plaid pants with matching necktie. I had his picture taken in it when he was 18 months old. (So cute. I love babies at 18 months...still babyish, yet like a little person learning words and tricks at lightening speed.)
When Q hit the year and a half mark. I marched him to the Target photo studio for his turn.
And now KC has hit the 1.5 year it is his turn.

Today was frantic trying to get ready for the occasion. I thought since the three of them are in the same space, I'd try to get them all in a picture together.

It took me about 1.5 hours to get ready for their photo shoot at Target which included laundry....b/c the shirts were not clean....ironing....which I NEVER do. The ironing board doesn't really open since I don't use it much and I had a hard time finding the iron. futilely ward off the grouchies.
The photographer took about 10 minutes to take 10 shots.

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