Saturday, April 28, 2007

did i do this to him?

I thought I had given the baby measles.

I had the doctor split up the MMR vaccine for KC. So instead of getting all three vaccines in one stick, I'm drawing out the pain and the copays over time.

Honestly, this little baby is not really where he should be with his verbal skills. I'm only mildly worried since he does seem to understand many things, can hear, point out body parts, do a little sign language and afterall he is my THIRD.

But until we are out of the autism woods, I didn't want to take any chances.

He had the measles part of his immunization series a few weeks ago. This week he spikes a temperature for a few days and then Friday his fever went away and he had small pink dots all over his face and truck. By the evening, his dots were red and multiplying.

Last night he really just didn't want to be asleep which is WHOLE other story.

It could be roseola....measles....chicken pox....I just want it to go away

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