Sunday, January 07, 2007

You know THAT look

It is the look. You know it.
When you approach the door of the child's classroom, and the teacher has THAT look on her face.

Today, I got THAT look twice.

I approached to pick up baby KC from the church's nursery. The nursery worker was standing, holding him and looked at me with relief in her eyes "thank God you are here."

"Ahm, we had a little thing with him...He crawled to the top of the bookshelf and was standing there like he was surfing."

He found a little chair pushed it to the shelf and started climbing. He hollared when he reached the victory of his everest, and they approached as quickly as they could without scaring him down.

When I approached the 4-year-old room, the Sunday school teacher had THAT look too. Apparently Q decided he couldn't part from his mother and protested when his father forced him into the room with the rest of them. So he stood in the corner for the hour kicking the cabinet.

School starts tomorrow for elementary and Tuesday for Q. I just realized that when people look at me I may have THAT look on my face all the time.

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