Monday, January 08, 2007


One of the many great reasons to have kids is to live out all those great food memories.
Today I think I perfected the "inside s'more"
Q had a friend over to play. I pulled out the microwave popcorn and started making my s'mores.
2 long graham crackers
chocolate chips on top.....microwave for 1 minute
top with the mini marshmallows and broil until they brown in the toaster oven.
My two kids were psyched. The friend didn't want anything to do with it and I was glad. As my mom used to always say....more for me!
I had to make a pot of coffee because I always crash in a terrible way after eating that much sugar. So I use one food drug to counteract the other.
In other food news, a friend is having a girls night out at her house for a home cooked Italian meal tonight.
And Friday, I'm organizing another girls night at Super Suppers on Friday so I can get out of my cooking rut. I'm even tired of my own cooking.

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