Wednesday, November 04, 2009


What is that saying about home? Something about it being humble and no other place like it? I can't remember because I haven't slept since very well.
KC the wonder kid is BAAACK.
After this morning initial estimate of being at 90 %, he ate something and and then started climbing and ripping up the room.
His diagnosis .... metabolic acidosis. And as I said before, his history of licking and putting everything in his mouth -- made the doctors concerned that he got into some kind of toxic substance. The pediatrician said his blood levels were close to normal today, but considering his behavior we were fine to be released. Her only concern was that his body did not react to treatment as expected. Therefore if there are any future incidents, we'll have to investigate a cause.
For the two older boys -- they are in quarantine upstairs. Both tested negative for strep and influenza, but they are taking Tamiflu as a precaution because of KC's hospitalization.
The love and generosity of friends has inspired and overwhelmed me. A friend is bringing my exhausted soul dinner tonight. Another friend picked the baby and me up from the hospital so we wouldn't have to pile all the boys in the van. The messages on Facebook, email, texts, phone -- I have clung to every word of hope, prayer and laughter. Bits of joy - it is what I live for.


Suz said...

Hurray!!!!! I am so happy for you all!! Our prayers are being answered! Now, try to relax... tee hee.... easier said than done, I know! But you now have access to the wine!!!
Love you all!! Aunt Sue

Shannon said...

Oh, made it through. Hugs to you.....