Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Monday 11/2 update

Just a little update about Kenji.
Kenji is in ICU tonight at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. He started the weekend off with what we thought was just a stomach bug. Vomiting started Sat afternoon and continued throughout the weekend.
We brought him in this morning for what we thought was some simple rehydration. I thought he'd be hooked up to IVs get some zofran and we'd be on our way.
His blood work came back showing that his Bi-carb levels were at a critical level. Normal is a 20 -- His was 8. After getting some fluids it dropped further to 6. This is apparently something that happens when during dehydration -- but his organs began to show signs of trouble too. Increased heart rate etc... And given his history of putting things in his mouth (they know us around here) they were concerned that there may be another cause.
The ICU doc indicated that he should only be in ICU for one night and will mostly likely go to a regular room tomorrow.
Kenji is sleeping comfortably now. (in fact -- they just drew blood from the top of his hand and he didn't even wake up)
Continue to pray for God's healing hands in this.
Will update as I can,

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