Wednesday, November 28, 2007

and so it goes....

And so the baby doesn't talk right? He is the silent shouter in my life. That knot in my gut that follows me around and tells me that things just aren't right.
So tonight I have my gut somewhere up in my throat as I roll this diagnosis around in my head..."Childhood Apraxia of Speech."
The speech language pathologist (SLP) came today and gave him a full evaluation. And when she told me this apraxia word my brain froze. She continued....It is treatable with the right intervention....Not a big deal, really. She told me not to Google it, because she has this book, see, and that I should read that book, not the internet. She told me about a crazy hysterical mother that took her toddler to a neurologist in search of what could be wrong with him.
"Not that you would do that. You don't seem the type," she said with a wise wave of her hand.
So I said good-bye, thank you, waved, shut the door and 3,2, 1....Googled....."Childhood Apraxia of.....and there it was. Come on, this lady has known me for, what?, five minutes?
As many of these disorders, diseases, syndromes, conditions... are apt to have there is a dot org. And words like "special needs," "IEPs," "special education," "advocate for your child," "therapy," all stick to my eyelids and prevent any rational thoughts from occuring.
It will be alright. I know it. As Patty our own personal family SLP, talked me down out of my tree tonight, she's a wealth of information. I suppose if God had given me a list of tough things your child must endure, this may be one of the ones I would have chosen, if forced to.

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