Thursday, May 10, 2007

the asylum

It really is a wonder I'm not crazier than I already am.

Sometimes I wonder if I have unwittingly been put into one of those psychology experiments, where scientists are observing me to see if I will really lose it.

The characters walk around here in imaginary states, babbling gibber-jabber, creating strange new characters and voices. My 7-year-old greets me in the morning with no good morning or hello. It is, "you know, if you rode on the alien express backwards you would end up 750 billions years ago."
My four year-old utters strange expressions at nearly every utterance. Lately he finds the words "yell" and "fart" particularly amusing. So imagine greeting the clerk in the grocery line, she will make some sweet comment and ask the small child how he is doing. He responds, "Yelling." blink. blink. stare.
She looks at me for a translation or an explanation of his Torette's Syndrome.

Words in sweet children's songs are laced with the words, "fart" or "yell." So much so that I don't even notice anymore. In fact, I'm not even sure I know what the right words are anymore.

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