Friday, July 23, 2010


The garden is in full bloom -- I need to harvest, weed and put up the bounty. Last year I tried canning for the first time, but got too scared of things like, oh botulism and death.... and ended up putting everything in the freezer anyway.
Tonight I will make more freezer jams. I've made strawberry and peach so far this year.....and I can't make it fast enough. Tonight I will make more peach (98 cents a pound at Walmart), mango and blueberry preserves.
I think I have enough tomatoes and peppers to make salsa - but may end up making a nice garlic, tomato, basil, shrimp pasta dish. The kids may not like it -- but that is OK since I've got two new margarita glasses....that are begging to be put to use.

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