Monday, July 14, 2008


This house is slowly, OK, not so slowly, descending into chaos.
And hey, I'm the first one to say I thrive on the stuff, after building a career that gets it's jollies on the uncontrollable fast-paced uncertainty of breaking news.
The screaming baby just ran by chasing the dog. He was hollering about the injustice of it all and I could have sworn he mentioned the cat.
I had given the dog a small can of uneaten cat food that, Baka, the senior feline of the home had turned his nose up to.
Leo had taken off running with it in his mouth as the small prize of a life well lived in the house of pain. Forward to me trying to wipe up the small bits of fishy foulness that had become mashed in the fibers of our carpet.
The baby, who can hardly be the judge of all right and wrong in the world, has proven that diapers, clothing, sheets, mattress pads, stuffed animals...are ALL disposable. I shake with fear when I approach his room because due to his potty training efforts he has, let's just say, insisted on spreading the 'love' around. "When will the shit stop!?" I yell in a weary way that only moms can understand. As I pull more Lysol, vinegar and the steam vacuum from the corner of the room.
He also succeeded in pulling a branch I had hung from the was assembled ten years ago filled with multi-colored origami cranes with sweet wishes written by the guests at our wedding. "Many children and a long life," reads one. "Patience and kindness," implores another. This branch has hung in our home for TEN years. It has hung over the bed of two other children. But this two year old pooping tower of power has somehow managed to pull it from its perch -- 9 feet off the ground.
One child broke the other's light saber...the special one that lights up and changes color depending if you are a Sith Lord or a Jedi Master. The saber of power that makes the "whooshing" and clashing noise.
The grass in the backyard is so high, I'm never sure where the dog or smallest child is when they go out.
The baby thought the cd player in the van looked like a vending machine, and so everytime you start the car the player grinds through 89 cents of coins.
The middle child broke our garage door.
And the laundry, oh heck, did I mention I haven't showered in two days?
And yet....I will go upstairs and shower and read a book, because it is what I need to do. for now.

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