Monday, March 10, 2008

couch to 5k

So I'm trying to run. Actually, I think the right word is "jog" since it is a pace just above a walk.
A small group of us decided to do the "Race for the Cure" in May, and my friend emailed me the plan that was going to get us there...."From Couch to 5K."
Ironically that night a friend of mine from Japan called and by coincidence started telling me about a crazy thing she did called the "couch to 5K" running plan.
It is in the cards. When we worked together about 15 years ago, she was not someone who enjoyed being warm, let alone would put herself through the treachery of exercise. She encouraged me saying if she could do it so could I.
So I am about half way through it, though I am not looking forward to my new week.

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Dan said...

Exercise has a lot of benefits, which is why it is so hard to do. The corollary is watching TV is easy because it has no benefits. It also explains why so many people fall asleep watching TV. S. has had to amend her night owl ways. She went to work full time in visual last week. Her knees keep her from getting into 5K. I try to run with the dogs three times a week and play a round of golf walking.