Friday, June 22, 2007

someone to herd em

the dog is great. really.

he does some things however i wonder about.

we suspect he is a Labrador retriever mixed with a border collie.

he has a sweet gentle disposition like a lab, but is really smart.

he does this thing though that is a mystery to me. it appears he tries to herd us, particularly the kids. sometimes he'll just knock his head into them and nudge them one way or the other.

sometimes if the kids are running, or flailing about he'll nip at their heals. OK by "kids" i mean Mr. Q the 4 year old.

With the baby, I've seen them standing next to each other then suddenly move him straight sideways with the trunk of his body.

if I were smarter, i'd learn how to use this herding thing to my advantage....

"Leo....get the boys! Make them go potty! put on their shoes and get into the van before I have to raise my volume"

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Dan said...

Happy Birthday, McMama. M. and I are in DC after an extended visit with the PA relatives. Have those boys treat you right for at least a couple of hours.